Cannot Show requested dialogue - Timeout Expired. The Timeout priod elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding

Dear Friends,

I am facing the above said error message while using the SQL Management Studio.

All of sudden this problem arises in my Database Server.

Overall SQL is too slow. So remote access using Server IP is taking too much of time.

During Connection;

Another Message during connection;

When trying to view properties;

I did the SQL repair too.

Note : After few tries, it get connected, the dialog is also opened. In next try again issue. OMG.

But i am facing the issue again and again.

Please help me to fix the same.

Thanks & Regards,


Is this server on your local machine or on a server in your network? If it is local, try connecting to localhost instead of What's happening is your computer is only known as while it is connected to that network. It is moving to a different network and getting a different address periodically, or it's disconnecting from the network, perhaps due to poor wifi conditions.

If it really is a server hosted on your network, then the network is the problem. It's either your network connectivity, or the network routing, or a bad wifi connection, or something else.

Open a cmd window and run

ping -t

Leave that window open and running. Check it for periodic timeouts. If that happens frequently, you need to discuss it with whoever supports your network.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually in my server 2 ips are configured i.e and

I have access the SQL my server from my local system's SSMS using the

I have written firewall rule to access my server through

It is worth mention herewith that the other ip is always showing "IP Conflict" error message but the said ip is not used in my network.

Is this cause for this error sir?

In addition, after getting your reply, I have tried to change the above IPs to and in my server.

But after modified also the SQL error is keep on coming.

My head is spinning sir.

Please help.

Thanks sir.