Cannot see shared datasets in Report Builder 3

I have SQL Server 2012 with SP 2 and Report Builder 3.0. I've created a shared data source in Report Manager, then created a shared dataset in Report Builder and saved into Report Manager. I can see the shared dataset in Report Manager and it does show the data source under dependencies as does the data source showing the dataset.

When I create a new report in RB, I add the shared data source, test connection and all fine. However, when I go to add a dataset, there is nothing listed in the shared datasets, even though I've created multiple.

If I create an embedded dataset everything is fine but need to use shared as I will be creating many reports. I am logged in as an administrator, my login has full permissions in RM, full access to the database from the datasource etc.

Why can I not see any of my shared datasets?

from Create a Shared Dataset or Embedded Dataset (Report Builder and SSRS)

we can see that: Report Builder ...

Shared datasets must use published shared data sources.

Have you published your shared data sources?

I'm an SSRS newbie my apologies. I created the data source directly in Report Manager, so I'm assuming that would publish it to Report Server. I can see it within Report Builder as well.

Is there a different way of creating the datasource? When I'm creating a report in Report Builder, click on Datasource, my shared datasource is listed.

You create shared datasets in Report Manager, not Report Builder. Once the shared datasets are published, you should be able to see them in Report Builder

How do you create a shared dataset in Report Manager? I only see the option to create a datasource. Everything I've read says to use Report Builder then click on create shared dataset. I am not using BIDS.

Sorry, I meant data sources. AFAIK there is no way to share datasets among report builder reports. You will need to use BIDS (SSDT since 2012) for that

Why is there an option in Report Builder called Create Shared Dataset which can be saved into report manager?

I was emailed a bunch of datasets and reports from a software vendor that did not use BIDS and created them all strictly using Report Builder. There are multiple reports using the same datasets.

Are you sure about this? This is directly from MS saying that shared datasets can be created in Report Builder:

OK. you got me. Could there be a permissions problem?

My login is a local admin on my machine, I used it to install SQL, my login is also a sysadmin in SQL and has all permissions checked within SSRS. I'm running SSRS locally on my Win 8.1. Since I'm creating the dataset, then using the same login to open RB again to create the report, it shouldn't be a permissions issue.

I've installed VS 2013 with SDT to see if it works done that way but would really prefer the simplicity of RB.

In Report manager, are there any specific permissions assigned to the shared dataset you created?

The permissions are the same on the newly created dataset as everything else in RM (my login has the following roles: Browser, Content Manager, My Reports, Publisher, Report Builder and BuiltInAdministrators has Content Manager). I have every role available assigned so it can't be permissions.