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Cannot import csv files sql server 2014 developer with a screen reader


hi. a blind it student and now using a screen reader jaws for windows from http://www.freedomscientific.com. got a sql database, for a school project. and i have the database, and the tables set up, and now i need to import a csv file, and use the either 32 bit or 64 bit import / export wizard. and the 32 bit says i need a connection string, so i try the 64 bit, gets to the finish, and then gives me errors, and if i click on close, it keeps going to a dialog asking if i want to quit the import / / export. and now which collumn check boxes do i have to check. totally frustrated. did try creating a ms access 2010 database, importing the csv files, and setting up the tables, and saving it in mdb format, and it did not recognize the ms access jet engine format .mdb. so, i need to import these files, for a database project. totally frustrated. can any one help me out, or had the same issue, if blind or has low vision. any help. tearing my hair out, did have the express version, but needed the pro, or developer version, as the express version would not save the imported data. help!


You can use SSIS package to import or export data from CSV file. But what is the issue you are facing?. How you are importing?