Cannot Access Integration Services Catalog

Hi experts,
This is SQL Server 2014 and Visual Studio 2013.

The SSISDB database exists. Now I'm ready to import the first package into the Integration Services Catalog.
But in Management Studio, when I click on Integration Services Catalog, I get error:
"Invalid object name SSISDB.catalog.catalog_properties Error 208"

And when I right-click the node, the Create Catalog option is grayed-out. I'm logged on as sysadmin so this is not a permissions issue.

I tried to query this table/view and indeed it does not exist in the SSISDB database.
What could be wrong? Is the problem with Management Studio (2014) or Visual Studio (2013) or something else?

integration services installed successfully on server?
and is the service running?

Yes, IS is running.

But silly me. I had pre-created the SSISDB myself. Once I deleted the database, I was able to Create the Catalog which of course creates the SSISDB database. Resolved.

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you should not have created the SSISDB that should have installed during IS install

Nope - SSISDB is not installed with Integration Services. It is installed when you configure the catalog on that instance.