Can we use the same filters to create cascade parameters and individual parameters in SSRS?

I am creating a report which contains 3 parameters COUNTRY, STATE, and CITY. I have already created a cascade parameterized report which means the CITY result is based on the STATE result and the STATE result is based on the COUNTRY result. But what I want now is, in the same report and parameters if I just choose only COUNTRY or only STATE or only CITY, I want results as well. It should not give me any errors. That means if I only choose country and run the report it should show the result and the same with STATE and CITY. On the other hand, cascade parameters should also be active. Is it possible? If yes what will be the process and if not what would be the best option? The page will be used by multiple users throughout the website. Do I need to work on the code or the SSRS report or both?

It is possible: