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Can we pass an integer type attribute in index values of a multiple value attribute?


I have two tables T1 and T2. T1 has an attribute which is of the type integer and T2 has a multiple value attribute. I have some definitions in that multiple value attribute which I have to refer it from T1.

For Example:

r_current_state is an integer attribute which has possible values from 0-4 which is in T1. state_name is a repeating value attribute where i have few definition like state_name[0]=Draft, state_name[1]=WIP and similarly for other 2 values which is in T2. Now I want to refer these definitions from r_current_state of T1. So I have to join both these tables for this. I want to display the state as wells as the current state.

Is it possible to frame query for above scenario? Could you help me on this.



Would it be possible to get example data in and out?