Can not open SSRS by using the URL

I tried to start SSRS by opening the page "http://localhost/ReportServer_MSSQL2014/ReportsManager"

from internet explorer with "as administrator" . my os is windows 7.

I am getting a white page with the message" localhost/ReportServer_MSSQL2014 - /"

"Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Version 12.0.4213.0 "
there is no additional message about any error, but no report service is presented.

what could be the problem? please help.

can you locate the same URL in ReportManager under ReportingServicesConfigurationManager?

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I think this is the expected behavior if you don't have any reports on your report site. But if you do have reports/folders, that should be/will be listed on that page. The screenshot below is from one of my dev servers (it is old and on SQL 2008R2, but I think the behavior is the same even on 2014).

You can also try this URL which will show you the reporting services home page, but again, it will be empty if you don't have any reports uploaded. http://ReportServer_MSSQL2014/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx

the URL in the 'report Manager URL' worked!!!
it was different than the URL in the 'web service URL' even though it looked similar but did not work.
that confused me, that is why I did not tried it before.
the URL that worked is: "http://localhost/Reports_MSSQL2014/Pages/Folder.aspx"
Thank you so much for your help!!!