Can azure data studio open accdb?


Can Azure Data Studio open/query a accdb file?
Of course I Googled but I couldn't find anything.


Based on the documentation, it doesn't appear that Azure Data Studio can connect to Access files directly, nor through an ODBC DSN or connection string.

I was able to create a linked server in a SQL Server instance that pointed to an Access database, and with ADS I'm able to query that linked server, but I get a permissions error and it doesn't return any results.

There's information on Access connection strings here:

You could try some combination of those to get a linked server working. I'm not going to spend any more time on it.

And even if you get this working, it's less than ideal as it will likely perform very, very badly. If you have MS Access data, use MS Access to query it, or migrate the data out to another platform that ADS supports.