Bulk Insert using Format File not working

I am using SQL Server 2017 Developer edition. I have a table of 5 columns out of which 1st one is identity and 4th is having default constraint and the 5th one is computed column. So in CSV, I am not providing values for these three columns.
I have created a format file to skip the first column. This was working in SQL 2014 but now when I do same in SQL 2017 using Format = CSV parameter it throws an error.

Cannot bulk load CSV file. Invalid field parameters are specified for source column number 1 in the format file "C:\MyData\Archives\Demo.fmt". All data fields must be either character or Unicode character with terminator when CSV format is specified.
Cannot bulk load. Invalid number of columns in the format file "C:\MyData\Archives\Demo.fmt".

Am I missing anything here? Any help would be really appreciated.

CREATE table dbo.test
[UniqueID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[Id] char NOT NULL,
[Name] [varchar] (50) NOT NULL,
[IsDelete] [tinyint] NULL DEFAULT 0,
[HashValue] AS (checksum('MD5',[Id],[Name])) PERSISTED


2 SQLCHAR 0 9999 ","" 2 Id ""
3 SQLCHAR 0 9999 ""\r\n" 3 Name ""

BULK INSERT dbo.test from 'C:\MyData\CONTENT\Input.csv'
WITH ( FORMAT = 'CSV', FIRSTROW = 2, FormatFile = 'C:\MyData\Archives\Demo.fmt')

Just follow this link. May be you can get help from this.

Looking at the error message I dont think you've even got to the point of doing the insert, it's complaining about the acutal format of the format file!

You need to check the following two links (same question, different answers)

As you are using sql server 2017, FIELDQUOTE=

And for non-2017 people you can explicitly set how each column is delimited...