Building Application to connect with SQL Server Tables and Edit records


I would like to build a Microsoft-based Application to use SQL Server Tables, and with this application there needs to be the ability to edit, delete, update etc records (in SQL Server). Other than Visual Basic, what other Microsoft Tools/languages are suitable ?

Thanks !

You could also use Microsoft Access to handle front-end design, using the Linked Tables feature to connect to SQL Server databases. With a little bit of programming, you could also have Access use SQL Server stored procedures. This would be an easy way to prototype a user interface and allow for transitioning to Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#, or any other supported language. MS Access allows for VBA programming, so migrating to VB would be pretty easy.

There are also SQL Server database connection drivers and libraries for pretty much any programming language you'd want to use. There are also data manipulation libraries like ActiveRecord (Ruby) that map data to programming language objects.

Thanks for these useful suggestions, Robert.

The purpose of the Application is to provide two different forms (based on the Permissions level of the one using it):

  1. For normal users to use it as a form to input records into the SQL Server Database tables.
  2. For Admin users to use it as a form to manipulate records in the SQL Server Database tables.

It's been a while but IIRC you can set an MS Access form to be append-only and it can be changed programmatically. There should be a Form.Open method that you can modify to check for an Admin user and change the append-only status accordingly.

Otherwise you can have 2 different forms, 1 for edit, 1 for append. Either will work with a linked table to SQL Server, as long as the connection string for the linked table uses a SQL Server login that has the correct permissions to UPDATE and/or INSERT into the table.

So you want a client side app or a webb app?