Build a dynamic list of UPDATE statement values in SQL server

As part of "rollback" solution, For each update, I would like to create separate Update statement to undo the values.
So we could execute this update statement for Rollback purpose.

I am looking for generic update statement.

Requirement is below,

I have to pass below input parameters

schema name,
table name,
list of columns to be updated,
condition column,
value for condition column

When i execute the query, then update statement should display in result set so that I can commit this statement in Rollback folder

Trying to achieve this using dynamic query. Please help on this.

when would this "rollback" happen
why are you using sql script as an UPDATE, is this part of what we call Product Data Update (PDU) to modify data that cannot currently be updated via the application layer?

How often is this update happening?

there are other more robust, industry standard ways of rolling things back