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Blocking Query alerts

Hello All
I often get alerts for blocking queries during the night. For example one of the example for query waiting to execute is:

(@guid nvarchar(4000),@eventName nvarchar(4000),@dateCreated datetime,@data nvarchar(4000),@eventSourceType nvarchar(4000),@isEcho nvarchar(4000),@parentGuid nvarchar(4000),@originId nvarchar(4000),@contextId nvarchar(4000))INSERT INTO EventLog(GUID, EventName, DateCreated, Data, EventSourceType, IsEcho, ParentGuid, OriginId, ContextId) VALUES(@guid, @eventName, @dateCreated, @data, @eventSourceType, @isEcho, @parentGuid, @originId, @contextId)

I know this is coming from WXApp and hitting against the CMSPart database. However, since this is not a stored procedure , however, can I find out what is causing the blocking.

FYI-- blocking only last a minute.