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Best Python Books

Hi this is Palak Sharma
I am newbie here, and I hope I will learn lots of things here.
I am in second year of my engineering, lots of programming languages I am learning here. My interest is in Python Programming language. And right now I am learning python from Google as well as from YouTube only. Now I am looking to purchase best books for Python from where I can start my preparation.
Can anyone give their suggestions on this, will be a great support.

SQLTeam in a Microsoft SQL Server site. While SQL Server has some Python integration, we don't focus on Python.

Having said that, while I can't recommend specific books on Python, I can recommend certain publishers: Manning, O'Reilly, and No Starch Press. Manning and O'Reilly have digital subscription services as well, so you can get e-book versions, and sometimes previews of upcoming books. Their digital versions are also updated/corrected, and you receive corrections as part of your subscription.