Best books to learn concepts of database fundamentals?

database books list I'm planning to buy:

  • navathe/elmasri
  • connally begg
  • date
  • korth
  • gehrke/ramakrishnan

Also share proper certification roadmap as well.

Before you spend money on books, consider the CMU Database course:

It's free and very comprehensive. The whole channel is a goldmine:

Regarding certification, if you're getting certified in Microsoft, it's all here:

There's no roadmap, it depends on the role you want to certify for, and once you choose that, the paths/exams are predetermined. Note that you will need to retake paid exams to maintain your certification as well. Also note that MS certification is heavily pointed towards cloud solutions; if you're less interested in cloud then it's probably not worth bothering to get certified.


I'm more comfortable reading 5 different textbooks for a topic than watching 2 hrs of 1 lecture:) Thank you for the help though.