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.bat doesn,t work in sp


Hi All,

I'm new in shell have problem run .bat in store proc ,.bat working manually ,but in sp no

my sp:


SET @CMDSQL = '\vsrv-ad01\Public\IT\Evgeny\CopyReports.bat'
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @CMDSQL

what wrong?

Thanks for help


Who/what user is making the proc call?
Does it have permissions to \vsrv-ad01\Public\IT\Evgeny\ folder?


I would like after that schedule that sp, so sqlAgent

after running the sp I have message

Invalid path
0 File(s) copied


how are you running the sp?


for now manualy


and when you will deploy it as a sql job, which user will be running the sql job?




Shoud be:


SET @CMDSQL = '\\vsrv-ad01\Public\IT\Evgeny\CopyReports.bat'
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @CMDSQL


Jotorre, I think that was due to the forum, it strips out double back slash


Sorry ,but I received same result

C:\Windows\system32>XCOPY /s /e /d /y "\vsrv-ad01\Public\IT\Evgeny\Canada\11A - SUKH HEER -IRIS" "
Invalid path
0 File(s) copied


your issue has nothing to do with sql server but with xcopy.


so,what 's wrong ,when I manualy run batch file its work correctly


Does the account sql server is running under have permissions on the path?


Its my file could you please take a look and let me know what's issue?

XCOPY /s /e "xxxxx" "xxx\OneDrive - xxxx"


If not grant impersonate on a windows account having permissions on the share and use execute as.


yes,have the permission