Barcode Check in and automatic email out

Hello everyone,

total SQL noob here, but based on my poking around an experimenting I think it may be the simplest solution to my project.

Our company has regular training events where we have people check in, we give them a list of things that they need to get done, and then cut them loose to do their thing. This is is largely being done by hand though, so we want to find a way to simplify and automate.

Our vision is to have everyone scan the barcode on their company ID, then that references a database that we would prepare ahead of time (probably imported from Excel or a CSV) with flags set in all the categories of tasks that they need to accomplish for that training event, and then it automatically sends out their tasks to them in an email. So conceptually they scan their ID at the desk, system compares their ID with the database, then emails out their record line out to them but truncated/paired down to just their flagged tasks.

Can someone please help point me in the direction of some modules or examples that I might be able to use to hack together?