SQL Server 2016

PowerShell camlet Backup-SqlDatabase creates transaction log files with a .log extension when it is documented it should be a .trn

Get-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance localhost | Where { $_.Name -ne 'master' } | Backup-SqlDatabase -RetainDays 2 -BackupAction Log -CompressionOption On -Initialize -BackupContainer "D:\Backup/"

Any thoughts on this?

what do you get with that script?

This command creates a backup of the transaction logs

OK -- but with the extension ".log" I presume. I did a little search trying to find a statement about the extension (e..g that it should be .trn) but came up empty. Did you fare any better? I'm thinking that the extension is more of a convention not strictly enforced (or even strongly encouraged).

FWIW I found an old discussion of this here