Backup of SQL DB

I'm struggling to take a back of a DB so I can add it to my own azure.

Right Clicked DB - Tasks - BackUp - selected Full
The destination sates URL (no idea what this refers to)
So I clicked Add - New Container - Signed in to my own Azure account - selected Storage account - selected Blob container
When I create credentials I get the following error:

I know the account im using to do the back up and the account I am using to store the back in my own azure are not present in one another.... is that the issue, and how can I take a back up of the DB?

You need to create an Azure credential before you can back up to Azure Blob Storage. The documentation is here:

Also note the Limitations of backing up to Azure Blob storage, and the section on Page and Block blobs. You'll need to review this before making a backup, it's not like backing up to a disk or UNC path.

Also, is this backing up an on-prem SQL Server instance, or an Azure Virtual Machine instance? If on-prem, make sure that your company's network is not blocking access to Azure. This is in addition to creating the credential for blob storage access.

If you are using Azure DB (NOT managed instance), you cannot back up to blob storage. Backups are automatically made for that product.

If you are using Azure Managed Instances, you can make on-demand backups:

@robert_volk Thanks
Is the Azure credential needed at the source Server (the server I am trying to back up from)
As this is something I cannot do, only can create at the other SQL end

Yes. You first need to create the access key on the storage container in Azure, then create the credential on SQL Server to use that access key. The instructions are here:

If you can't create the Azure component, ask you Azure admin to do it. The link contains PowerShell to create the Azure side, but it can be done with the Azure portal. Typically you'd use a Shared Access Signature (SAS), as it requires no password.

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I want to take a copy of it for my personal environment, the admin i doubt would give me it

any way of me take a back up of the tables, dont even need the data and dont mind it being manual process?

If you're just copying schema, you can use the Generate Scripts option in SSMS. Right-click the database, choose Tools, and Generate Scripts. Follow the scripting wizard from there.

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Thanks for that - I am now struggling to connect from my local (newly downloaded SQL Server Management studio) to my new DB in azure, not sure what authentication i should be using, tried a few and didnt work, so was trying to see if my newly created account had access, which I suspect no, as I havent granted it access to the DB or SQL server, but cant find any info as to how, should I log another post on this forum?


How did you connect to the database in Azure before? Whatever login you used then should still be active.

Are you using Azure DB, an Azure Managed instance, or a SQL Server instance on an Azure Virtual Machine?


Its a new Azure subscription I have created - I believe its Azure DB I have created, and definitely not the latter 2.

It would depend on the authentication type you chose when you created it:

If you're not sure what you chose, or can't remember the user/password, you'll probably need to create a new Azure SQL resource. I don't know if MS offers a login recovery or reset, you'd have to contact their support.

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