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Backup from Server A to Server B

This is MSSQL 2014 on Windows Server 2012
On Server A, the Agent service runs under a domain account. But the SQL engine service runs as 'Local System'

On Server B, the domain account has been granted full permissions to the path.

But When I run the agent job which backups to a path on Server B, it fails with error Access is denied.

Is that because the SQL Service is running as Local System? (I thought it was only the Job Agent service that required permissions)

Thanks, Jack

Yes - it is because agent jobs run in the context of the account running SQL Server unless the job is run from a non-privilegled (non-sa) account or setup to run using a proxy account.

Note: running SQL Server as local system is not recommended - when installing you should use the service principal accounts or a domain account. Generally you can just use the service principal account and manage external access using proxy accounts.

Thanks jeffw8713. I was able to get it to work. The .bak file is now being written to the other server's share.
Thanks for your tips. Jack

You are welcome - thank you for the update.