Hi everybody!
I don't have too much experience in SQL
I have backup problems in one of my clients (Maintenance Plans)
Any idea? Thanks!

The logs there looks like someone or a process (maybe windows updates) initiated a shutdown/restart of SQL Server at just the time that your backup was running.

Hi Stephen!
Yes it's weird!, I really don't know what is happening.
To solve the problem I've installed another SQL backup program but I'd like to solve this problem.

If I run a command to backup the database it works ok
like this:
BACKUP DATABASE [Siacoop] TO DISK = N'c:\Copia Diaria\Siacoop.bak' WITH INIT , NOUNLOAD , NAME = N'CopiaSIACoop',

Is there any sql group on skype?

The log entry at the top gives the game away, the SQL Server was being shut down.

I would suggest you look at the windows system logs and see what caused the shut down.

I am only going by what you have shown us, I am assuming that the backup job failed once and this is not an occurrence every time your backup job runs.

Well, actually the backup fails every time it runs

This is the normal shutdown message.Look at your event logs to find out if someone is stopping services manually via services.msc.

Hi Jason!
I'm sure is not the reason because it happens when I'm the only user