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Backup drive is almost full


Hello Everyone,

I don't have experience as a DBA. Anyway, I have a problem that the backup drive is almost full (the free space just 7 GB) and the recommendation is to delete old backups manually and not using maintenance cleanup task.

How can I clean it manually?



In windows explorer, navigate to the folder where you have the backup files, and delete as necessary.

If you set up the maintenance clean up task properly, it should do the clean up for you.


The key words here are "I don't have experience as a DBA". That and the fact that you've got this particular problem likely also means that you don't actually have a Backup Plan or, more importantly, a Restore Plan if all hell breaks loose.

I strongly recommend that we work on that to start with.


If you are on SQL2008R2 or later the quick bandaid-fix would be to turn on compressed backups ...

... then work with the good folk here to improve your housekeeping routines.