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Azure sql truncate table partitions error


Hi everyone,

we have database project and im using some partitions on tables, when I build the solution I am getting below error :

In VS 2012 with latest SSDT and Target platform: "Microsoft Azure SQL Database V12" I get this error :
"SQL46010: Incorrect syntax near (. " and its mark bracket between "WITH ( PARTITIONS"

Actual Syntax used in one of my SP is TRUNCATE TABLE PartitionTable1 WITH (PARTITIONS (2, 4, 6 TO 8));

Please let me know if anyone faced this issue and any resolution or workaround.


YOu need to be running 2016:

. Truncate Table Partitions

Applies to: SQL Server (SQL Server 2016 Community Technology
Preview 2 (CTP2) through current


Thanks very much for the reply.

How about Visual Studio version to be as i build the Db project there and my current version is VS2013 Update 4.

so at the moment I have to wait till next SDDT version is available.


It's not about your VS version. It's about the version of SQL Server. That is, you can use Visual Studio 2003 to create a query running the TRUNCATE command and send it to SQL Server, but whether it runs successfully depends on SQL Server, not Visual Studio