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Azure Data Studio customization


Do you know if I can set up Azure Data Studio to:

  1. set up hotkeys/key-shortcuts (i.e. type zzz or click F1 and insert a specific code snippet that I use regularly)
  2. Always insert NULL in null fields when exporting results (now it leaves them blank)
  3. filter the schema in any possible way (now I think it only allows to filter table/view names in the hierarchy of the database)
  4. quickly check the first 50 unique values of a field (now I have to do select distinct top 50...) and ideally notify me if there are more - e.g. like Excel does in the filtering but also would like to do it when I insert a field (e.g. by hovering on it)


  1. Create reusable code snippets - Azure Data Studio | Microsoft Docs
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