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Azure data pipeline and Power BI

Hi All,
Is there a way that would allow the user to pass a variable from Power BI to Azure data pipeline ?


why? what are you trying to do? The benefit of PowerBI is to store all data in memory for quick response times

I want the use to pass the date from Power BI to Azure Data pipeline and the Azure data pipeline will extract the data from SQL Server based on the date. The result will be stored in Power BI in a report format.


This is the wrong approach - if you want the users to be able to access data dynamically based on a parameter from Power BI, then you set up the source that way. You don't initiate a data extract process that updates tables in a database.

Instead of trying to extract the data using a data extract process - why not just access SQL Server directly with a query as the source?

You mean just execute the script from Power BI to extract the data from SQL database ?

Ok will try that.

Define what you mean by extract?

No - Power BI can be setup to access data directly using a query. This is a direct query and the data exists in SQL Server. Power BI can also be setup to import data on a schedule - but even that is directly from the database.

There is no reason to run an extract process using Azure Data or SSIS to get data into Power BI. Your approach seems to be to pull data from SQL Server based on a date. That can be done directly in Power BI without any need to go to an external tool.

thank you all