Auto run Crystal report

Is there any way to enable sql server 2012 or above to schedule job which can run crystal report automatically at certain time. ?

sure. set up a Sql Server Agent job that runs the report according to your schedule

Report (.rpt) file.
It has few optional parameters / few mandatory parameters (which usually gets supplied using some front end application - web page)

Can you show we some steps - example as how can i auto invoke crystal report - passing parameters to it - then that reports throws pdf / excel file and that pdf / excel file we can email to actual user ?

Appreciate your reply.

This is really nothing to do with SQL Server. It is a crystal report issue. Google how to auto execute crystal report

Then you can use windows scheduler or SQL Server Agent if the data required is only available after the job.

Sorry, I know nothing at all about running Crystal reports. I suppose there is some CLI command that you can use to pass parameters.

At present I have .net Web application where user can run a page, passed required information and see (crystal) report and if requires downloads it.

I can always achieve what I am asking using windows service - task scheduler.

But I want to avoid web server to sql trip. Imagine i have 10 reports. Each report will create 50 files (each file has different data for different business user).
So essentially I have to create 10*50=500 files which then will be email as attachment to respective business user. I want to avoid 500 web server to sql server trip.

I can also achieve it using job scheduler if data would have been only raw data which can be simply put in csv file. But that is not the case. There are lots of things already done (grouping / formula etc in crystal report) .

Point is: How to invoke (Auto Run) crystal report using SP and in turn put that SP in Job Scheduler.

I am into IT since 16 yrs and working on MS platform only. So i am asking this question post lots of thoughts and brain storming.