Auto email notification

I am hoping someone can answer a question Iv spent the last week or so trying figure out. I'm looking for a straight forward answer on how to go about having an email sent automatically to me whenever a particular set of numbers or letters are repeated within a three month time frame, Unfortunately the IT guys in my company are tied up with a project currently so any help would be great. oh and i for got to mention we are currently using SQL server 2008 and the numbers that ii'm looking to track look like this 1012-F1NN-5468. fnkuuyd. The last set of numbers will very length and there are 6 different columns that contain this information.

Please provide:

  • table descriptions as create statements
  • sample data as insert statements
  • expected output from the sample data you provide
  • description of which fields needs to contain which values

You can use sp_send_dbmail to send out the mail. You (or rather your IT guys) need to decide if this is to be incorporated as a trigger or a scheduled job (or if your IT guys have their own way/program to push out mail) - to implement this, you need your IT guys.

I guess you would have to wait for your "IT guy" to be free to get it setup. As stated by bitsmed, your IT will need to set it up. But you can start writing the query and ask him to schedule a job to run in a given interval to that scan for you. That should speed up the process.