Auto commit in Edit table of SSMS

in SQL Server Management Studio, when I enter in edit mode for a table, and
I change one value of a row, the commit is immediate when I change the cursor focus.
But, If I write the wrong value, there is no way to get back original value.

Is there a way to block immediate commit in Management Studio for Edit table view?

Thanks a lot.


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Thank you Ifor, I'll try in this way.


Just be aware that there have been - and still are - issues with editing data using this feature of SSMS. The better solution is to write the update statement directly.

If you write the update statement directly - you can wrap the statement in a transaction and rollback that transaction immediately.

Begin Transaction;

Select ... From ...; --display the data to be updated for validation

Update table
set column = value
Where ...;

Select ... From ...;  --display the updated data for validation

Rollback Transaction;
--Commit Transaction;

Using this method - you can insure your changes are correct and you have not lost the original values until you are satisfied with the update. Once satisfied with the update, comment out the rollback - un-comment the commit and make the changes permanent.