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ASP-net calling stored multi procedure procedure procedure for a report

I'm trying to call a stored procedure that contains several stored procedure calls.Since serveral of those procedures have select statements they return multiple result set that confuse ASP-NET . Is there a way that a stored procedure that contains several called procedure return only 1 result set. With ASP-NET the command is
var get_RAPN = IEnumerable<Report_New>)_context Report_news FromSqlRaw<Report_new>(Sql) ToList();
//Debugger Break();
return View(get_RAPN);
Since the results need to match the table , it tries to do so with the first result set it gets from the called procedure and it doesn't know that this procedure calls several other stored procedures.

Each of the procedures are used to build a report table which is the last select * from report_table, but it doesn't make it there as the first result set causes an error and it exits the application.
Is there a better way to call a stored procedure in ASP-NET that acts as stand alone with no expectations of matching tables!