As I gain experience and get older, I'm working much slower, but producing better quality, but

Everything I do now takes a very long time because I'm taking far more into consideration, exploring the data and existing code deeply, and producing high quality solutions. I should be proud of this, but instead, I feel like I'm wasting huge amounts of time. 10 years ago, I would have cranked out something that mostly worked and then I'd come back and refine it a few times as it ran and discovered new failure states. That actually feels more efficient than the over-researching/engineering I'm doing now.

What does everyone else think about these things?


please excuse me if i am going on a TANGENT

me myself personally

i think producing high quality solutions in extremely quick time is MY way to go

question is HOW do you do it in extremely quick time ?

i typically turn on the stop watch and see how long it takes

skilled thinking is required .. thinking on paper

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20 years ago I thought I worked fast, and probably I did. Now I have learned to think as the engine,and work differently. I don't start working after the first briefing but I want to have the broader picture, so I gather as much info as possible to get to the right solution. After that I spend time tuning the solution so it's lean and mean and easy to maintain. I don't see it as losing time, but preventing loss of time through having to adapt/correct a quick and dirty project. You loose a lot of credit with the customer if you deliver half done things.

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