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As Home user I want to use a Nas attached to a router to keep my sqlserver data folder

As Home user I want to use a Nas attached to a router to keep my sqlserver data folder
Is this a good/bad/terrible idea ?

I have a small server backing up all sorts of readings from solar panel feeds to room temperatures. I have been doing this for 10 years 24/7 and as the server is old now I've bought a mini pc as a backup server but swapping over from one to the other would be a slow job so I thought if they were both writing to a Nas then at least I wouldn't have to be moving databases about if the server ever packs up?
I would appreciate any advice.


SQL Server 2012 and higher versions support database files on SMB fileshares:

I have never used this feature, and frankly, I'm skeptical of the performance. I'd also be very hesitant using it on a home router. Any hiccup in the network could cause problems, although SQL Server is typically very robust regarding file operations.

Although it says it's supported on Windows 2008/R2 and SMB 2.0, I wouldn't recommend it. Anything earlier than Windows 2016 is out of mainstream support, and probably even that too.

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Thanks for your advice. I was not confident doing it and I'll take your advice and leave the db's ain the default.

Also recommend you get a nice sized ssd and push yiur ldf and mdf there.

Do you really need all of that data in one db? Can you archive some of the data?

Yes you are right but I don't really know how to do that at the moment. I have created daily monthly and yearly total tables and I have been thinking that I could just get rid of all the actual feeds Table. It something I will get round to sorting out soon I hope.