Article question: Scheduling Jobs in SQL Server Express - Part 2 By Mladen Prajdić

Hi all,

I've read this great article By Mladen Prajdić about using the sql service broker to build a job scheduler in SQL server express.
But the link to the complete code seems to be dead.
Does anybody have the link and/or the complet code to share?

Many thanks.

Link to article:
Link to download (404):

just wondering, why don't you use the window scheduler? It simple and you just run direct SQL to it via sqlcmd etc. much easier to manage?

Hi Dennis, thanks for your reply. I'm using the windows scheduler now. But I'm running more and more procedures scheduled. Now using just one SQL file which calls the procedures.
The used table structure and procedures from the article, used to schedule are also interesting.
I am jet to make the choice how to initiate. Using windows tasks or service broker. Either way I want to switch to SQL tables and sprocs to manage the tasks recurrence and add error logging.

Best regards. Ron

Haven't seen @mladenp on this forum in a long time ... but this reference might wake him up!

Unfortunately it didn't wake up Mladen. Nobody out there who downloaded the scripts from the articles
Scheduling Jobs in SQL Server Express
Scheduling Jobs in SQL Server Express - Part 2
and can share?

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