Apply Service pack from Sql Server 2016 SP2 to Sql server 2016 SP3

I will appreciate your help for following question.
We need to Service pack for pour Sql Server 2016 which is currently on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU7-GDR) (KB4505222) - 13.0.5366.0 (X64) and need to update SP3 latest pack.

Can I know How many SP and CU version I need to apply?

I know that in Sql 2017, we can apply latest CU and it can covered all SP/CU's so don't need to apply one by one but in Sql 2016 what's the path I have to follow?

If I see the SP's and CU's from my current version of SP2 then I found following so getting confused that I need to apply SP + CU all below listed?

SP2 + GDR	13.0.5108.50	KB5014365	14-Jun-22
CU17 + GDR	13.0.5893.48	KB5014351	14-Jun-22
CU17	13.0.5888.11	KB5001092	29-Mar-21
CU16	13.0.5882.1	KB5000645	11-Feb-21
CU15 + GDR	13.0.5865.1	KB4583461	12-Jan-21
GDR	13.0.5103.6	KB4583460	12-Jan-21
CU15	13.0.5850.14	KB4577775	28-Sep-20
CU14	13.0.5830.85	KB4564903	6-Aug-20
CU13	13.0.5820.21	KB4549825	28-May-20
CU12	13.0.5698.0	KB4536648	25-Feb-20
CU11 + GDR	13.0.5622.0	KB4535706	11-Feb-20
GDR	13.0.5102.14	KB4532097	11-Feb-20
CU11	13.0.5598.27	KB4527378	9-Dec-19
CU10	13.0.5492.2	KB4524334	8-Oct-19
CU8	13.0.5426.0	KB4505830	31-Jul-19

> Blockquote
Cumulative update name	Product version	Knowledge Base number	Release date
SP3 + GDR	13.0.6435.1	KB5029186	10-Oct-23
SP3 + GDR	13.0.6430.49	KB5021129	14-Feb-23
SP3 + GDR	13.0.6419.1	KB5014355	14-Jun-22
SP3	13.0.6300.2	KB5003279	15-Sep-21
![SP2 and SP3 - List|690x495](upload://yUnRx5gDJYm7BVMiinlyLmZe99P.jpeg)

Generally the latest service pack plus any subsequent patches should be applied. GDRs are not cumulative as far as I know, so if you want to be fully covered I suggest installing all of the ones listed after SP3.

You seem to have posted the list of KBs describing the latest available:

Thanks for your detail answer with the link, much helpful.
So you mean to say, I have currently SP2 - CU7 so I can directly apply first SP3 13.0.6300.2 then all other SP3's?
SP3 + GDR 13.0.6435.1 KB5029186
SP3 + GDR 13.0.6430.49 KB5021129
SP3 + GDR 13.0.6419.1 KB5014355
SP3 13.0.6300.2 KB5003279

Yes, install SP3 first (that is cumulative, it will have everything after your current patch level) and as many of the subsequent GDRs as you feel are necessary afterward.

Thank you it was very much helpful, clear the doubts and made the patch apply path very easy.
Appreciate your help!