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Application Development for SQL Server



I am working with SQL Server 2012, I am skilled in SSIS and SSRS, I need to start developing applications for editing data in SQL Server to give users web based access to the data.

However I don't know where to start. I guess I need Microsoft Visual Studio, but where do I go from there?

If someone can give me a step by step guide on how to create an application so a user can view a record and edit 1 column would be a good start.


Hi jason_clark,
In short, it would be pretty similar to SSRS, where you create a dataset and display from there.

As for walk through, you can take a look from MSDN: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms171884.aspx

Hope this helps.


Hi dennisc,

Is there anything better than the introduction to asp net mvc, something with solutions on how to link to the SQL database?


Hi jason_clark,

I believe you can find many sample from a simple google search. As there are many different ways to do it, but the basic idea is the same, where you connect to the DB with a data set, then you can allow update on the data set back to DB, or you use your own logic and generate the SQL statement and update the DB.

Hope it helps.


thanks for your suggestions


We've built out own, but I like the way we do it :smile: maybe you can find something online that does the same if our method is of of interest to you. (I think this style is common in PHP type languages, although we use MS languages)

We use templates, so something like:

<th>{Col1}</th><th class="RightJustify">{Col2}</th></tr>

where {col1} will substitute the value from the column named "Col1" in the resulset.

A "page" on the website consists of a Template and an Sproc name. Sproc parameters are provided for any value that is in the "namespace". So if you have a URL mydomain.com/?FOO=1&BAR=2 and the SProc is defined with parameters for FOO and/or BAR then those values will be passed to the Sproc. Thus you can include a link on your page:

<a href="mydomain.com/?PAGE={PAGE_BACK}">Previous page</a>
<a href="mydomain.com/?PAGE={PAGE_NEXT}">Next page</a>

and your Sproc can output values for PAGE_BACK / PAGE_NEXT and when the link is clicked it will be called with the PAGE value to be displayed.

We have a database table that describes, for each "page", which template to use and which SProc to call. The templates themselves are stored in the database (and we have a page on the website which allows them to be edited), so basically making a new page is bish-bash-bosh :smile: