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Append Incremental Number To String

I'm working on a e-commerce website for a client that uses a software based CMS that uses a Access 2000 Database. When you publish the website all the pages become static with Perl files to control the shopping cart. There's no database online.

My issue is on uploading there's many duplicate product pages.

To resolve this I'm wanting to add a unique number to end of the product-page.html name to resolve the upload duplication issue quickly as there over 15,000 entries

In the Database there's a PRODUCT table and there's a field called product_page_name

I'm looking to add a unique number incremented by one to the the product-page.html name


Is this possible?

this is a forum for SQL Server. But what you are trying to do sounds like it could never scale. you mean to tell me you have a web page for each product?

why do you stay with one page, product-page.html and dynamically populate it with data being fetched from Access 2000 for each product, paginated, etc?