AOG Listener Capability With Synchronisation

Customer wants 3 AOG (HA+DR) synchronised nodes for TB level DWH.

Overnight ETL for DWH breaks frequently, breaks primary, propagates into H/DR nodes.

DIFF before/after solution offers recoverability option from the scenario.

Question: Does the AOB Listener work independently of actual sync/asych DBs? I just want to use the Listener function and keep the nodes refreshed using DIFFs.

Does AOG mean AlwaysOn Availability Group? Does DIFF refer to a differential backup? Or some way to synchronize differential data?

The AlwaysOn Availability Group Listener is just a pointer to the primary node of the AG.

I'm not sure what you mean by "keep the nodes refreshed using DIFFs". An AG is identical copies of databases. You can't make changes to the secondary replicas.