Anyone successful with Bubble and Azure SQL Server?

am having absolutely no luck with getting the Bubble SQL Connector to work with my Azure SQL Server instance. I installed the plugin and tried to create a connection, but the Bubble interface things I am trying to connect to mySQL despite my having chosen SQL Server in the dropdown. I get an error message saying my connection string is not formatted properly, but it gives me an example string that is clearly mySQL.

After reading the forums, I found that others had made the string not error by choosing NO database option for the connection string, however, when testing that string, I get no response. No error, but no confirmation either.

I have submitted a bug ticket, but in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had actually gotten Bubble to connect to an Azure SQL Server instance and if so, how?


Try posting here. This Forum is a SQL Server Forum so it's not the best place to post questions about other software. Good Luck