Any suggestions on third party tools or solutions similar to SQL Notification Services

Prior to 2008 SQL had Notifcation services which can be used to send notifications to emails/phones based on a new record meeting the criteria in a given table.
Looking for tools/solutions which does similar work.
please suggest.

The Service Broker feature has Query Notifications, they work on a similar principle to Notification Services:

Other technologies can offer notifications, like SignalR. It doesn't automatically detect data changes, but it can push notifications to devices in real time.

Thanks Robert for the suggestions do you have any examples of code that can be shared.

None handy, I'd use Google/Bing. The MS docs used to have links but they don't show up now, might need to dig a few pages in.

Apress had a book on Service Broker, I know there was some code in there on Query Notifications. We used to use it at a previous company but we encountered some kind of problem and discontinued it I think, I don't remember the details. Just FYI.

If you use QN make sure you understand the proper use and maintenance of Service Broker. The Apress book goes into that. Also look up Remus Rusanu's blog, lots of old articles on Service Broker but they're all excellent. Remus may also have something on Query Notifications.

Thanks a lot.