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Analysis services 2 cubes or 1?

totally new to analysis services.
We have 2 tables that will server as the Fact tables in analysis services.
The first on has all the tickets transactions and the other have all the concession transactions.
As you suspect, ticket transactions can join to concessions because a customer can order a ticket and a drink on the same transactionid.

At the database, these tables are different and we use a join if we want to find data from the transaction.

Now we new to use them in analysis services and I am not sure if we need 2 cubes to do so or just use them as Dimensions (if I'm correct on what i write as I am very new to this one).

I've read some articles that suggest that 2 cubes are ore difficult to be implemented and also that some techniques, after use(Using Linked Objects), will not permit alterations to the dimension of the joined cubes and must be recreated to get the changes.

So any help?