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Alwayson on Cluster


Hi all,
I tested that you cannot have alwayson availability group set to auto failover with a 2-node cluster + a stanalone server, eg, Cluster Node A & B with standalone instance C. A+B can setup to have availability group to C with sync mode but it cannot be set to auto failover on SQL 2014 where it giving me errors and said its not supported.

Its all good and I understand its not supported, however, i don't seems to be able to find any doc online (public or MS) saying that is not supported, not too sure am i missing something here, did anyone come across any of those doc? Would be helpful if you can share that with me.


I am not following you. Availability Groups do support automatic failovers.


Hi Tara,
I mean AG on WSFC (2-node cluster) + Stanealone server. Which I cannot set AG to be automatic failover on the cluster node. Let me put in more details:

Node A + Node B to form a cluster (SQL instance SQL-A)
Standalone C - SQL-C

SQL-A and SQL-C is part of the AG group

When node A fail, node B will take over (as its cluster), and AG will work in Node B
If Node B fails afterwards, meaning SQL-A will go offline, AG will not failover to SQL-C.

Hope this means it more clear. And I understand the behavior, I just want to see where I can find a doc from MS saying its not supported.


Yes that is not supported. Availability Groups are done on standalone instances. Turn your current cluster into an AG cluster, meaning each node has its own instance.


Hi Tara,
I understand its not supported, but do you aware of any doc from MS saying the same? I would like to find that.