Always On setup

Hi All, I have a situation. I need to set up always On where I have about 25 databases of different projects. If I set up min a regular way if for any reason one database goes down whole 25 databases will failed over to the secondary replica. My question is, is there a way to handle this situation? Thanks in advance!!

Are you asking that if one database fails, you want them all to failover together? That's how Availability Groups works. Put them all in 1 group

No sorry that's not what I am looking for, I want the opposite. If one database fails, I don't want all databases to fail over. Is there a way to set this up this way? Thanks!

Then, you'd have to set up a different group for each database. The AG treats all databases as a group and if 1 fails then they all fail. So you'd have 25 Availability Groups on the box or a combination if you want to keep some of them together

Thanks so much for your reply. That works for me. One more question though: Do I need an unique listener for each Availability group or can I use the same listener for all availability group? Thanks a lot for your help.

You would need a separate listener for each availability group. With that said - are you sure you want to fail over single databases? What is it is you are trying to accomplish with this configuration?

Also - you need to be aware that each node will now have to be licensed because you cannot determine what node is being utilized at any given point in time.