Always on maybe should be almost on


We have GP Dynamics in always on environment. All is well except when primary server goes out and secondary comes up all fat and thin clients throw all kind of errors. Why? Because GP Dynamcs makes heavy usage of tempdb for storing session states. tempdb is a systems table and cannot be added to the always on synch databases. any idea how to get around this issue? otherwise it is a manual failover which to me makes always on more like almost on :slight_smile:



Use the actual db for storing state info instead of tempdb. I don't know if GP Dynamics code can handle that change or not, but that's what you need to do to insure that the session info is available to the app on a failover.

Would a Partially Contained database solve this problem?

I am not sure if this is a setting in GP Dynamics so I will check if that is possible. All the reading and research I have done so far seems to indicate this is not possible.