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After renaming SSIS package, VS then maintains TWO .dtsx files


After I renamed my SSIS package within BIDS, the system appears to do the following behavior that I wouldn't have ever guessed: Maintain two copies of the EXACT same DTSX file as I go along - one with the 'old' package name, one with the 'new' package name.

So if I last opened BIDS and edited my package on Friday at 4 PM, I see TWO dtsx files, both last edited at Friday at 4 PM. One with the slightly different old name (representing a moment that I made a typo and then decided to re-name the package to correct it, inside BIDS), and the other one with the current name of the package - the one that's been current for quite a while now.

Is this normal?


I haven't experienced that issue. I recently renamed a package like 2-3 times before I was happy with the name. I only see the renamed version in VS and on the file system. Have you tried deleting the one with the old file name?


I have it happening on at least two different projects. That's interesting, so you renamed it and you dug in all the subfolders in the project and only one dtsx file?
Weird. No, I was scared to do that..


Yes I checked my folder before replying to you. I did 2-3 renames of a single package just last week. I only see the one dtsx file in the folder.


Interesting. Here's my situation: