Hi everyone! so i have found so much interest in sql. currently learning about SQL online(
ok my question is, what should i do specifically to have a career in SQL. what major? certification/exam?

There are multiple areas where you can map your career in SQL Server.

SQL Developer(TSQL Programmer)

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To add to what ahmeds08 said, depending on your learning style, you might want to get a few books on the specific sub-speciality, sign up for an online video training site such as pluralsight, or sign up for some in-person training classes.

SQL Server has a free edition (Express) and a relatively low-priced developer edition that you can install and experiment with.

Also, try to get some background in basic data base theory - normalization, set-based programming etc.

Perusing the forums, online articles, MSDN etc. are other great resources.

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thank u ahmeds08! so im guessing ur one of these careers?

I didn't get you.

i mean do u work now using SQL? are u in the SQL career field?

Yes,I am working as a DBA/BI developer.

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Good for u! please can u be of help to guide or mentor me? like how u got to where u are. im also interested in becoming a DBA/BI developer. Thank You!