Adding new server to Alwayson

Hello Experts,

For the first time i got a oppurtunity to work on Alwayson setup at configuration level.Till now already its configured and was maintaining and monitoring the Always on dbs. I am exited to perform below task. As it is a production servers with more than 2TB size i am seeking help from you all. Please guide me.

Already for customer the Alwayson configured for two servers A and B which are in different location. Now i need to add the 3rd DR Server C to it. How to do that? what and all prerequisites and precautions i need to take?

Windows team will take care of adding DR Site-C to the cluster.

One of the db is more than 2TB in primary. How should i add that db to C-sql server? which option is easy and recommendable?

From Veeam Backups recent MDF & LDF's are available then can i attach those files to new sql server and add that db in Alwayson?If add those files how to sync latest data till now? do i need to restore the last diff and T-log backups on latest attached db?

Or restore the complete Full backup,diff and T-logs will be the fine?

Or any other way of bring the complete 2TB db into new server?

Actually How it works if i want to add 3rd server to Allways on?

What and all steps i need to take care at windows level and SQL level?Please help.



This is exactly what you will need