Adding an Instance

I am taking an online course for SQL. I am trying to create a new database in the program as instructed, but when I open the SQL Server 2014 Management Studio I get stuck at this point. I have an online database that I am connected to. When opening the program, it prompts me for that login information. I tried to browse for other instances but don't know what I am looking for. What kind of file would I be looking for?

you mean you see this?


you need to fill in the Server name. SInce you have an online database, you need to specify the fully-qualified domain name, something like\sqlinstance

the default instance is mssqlserver. It that's what your online db uses, you can leave that off. Also, if you're using a non-default port, write it like this:,nnnn

where nnnn is the port number.

Now, if this isn't what you mean, post a screenshot