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Adding a Drive to SSMS


Do not know if this is the right place for this question but maybe someone can direct me. I am using the SQL Agent to create a job that takes a created text file and copies it to a network drive. If I run the package I created to do this in SSIS the job runs fine but if I try to run it with in a job it errors out. I believe this is because you have to add the network drive so SQL Server Management Studio recognizes it. Does anyone know how to add a network drive to SSMS? I have looked online and found no step by step instruction.



Its not that. It's that the user running the job needs to have access to the network share. You usually do that by setting a proxy for SSIS packages that points to a Server credential that contains a login/password combo for a valid Windows AD user with the permissions to read from or write to the network syare


I added a proxy to SSMS and I am still getting the error. May have to just have file created on the SQL Server and do something outside of SSMS to move it.


This post has a similar issue and a link to very detailed steps on how to do what you are looking for.

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