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Add Value from a table to an another table

I am working with Microsoft SQL Server MANAGMENT STUDIO 18 and i Have 2 Tables , i want to insert a new line of values from Table 1 on Table 2 but every time that a Value From Table 1 change from False to True .
Actually it works but only if i execute to This Program that i wrote

INSERT INTO Table2 ( Datum , Zeit, Temperatur , Oxidationszeit )
SELECT dbo.V_Table1.Value , V_Table1.Value , V_Table1.Value , V_Table1.Value
dbo.V_Table1 AS V_Table1_1 CROSS JOIN
dbo.V_Table1 AS V_Table1_2 CROSS JOIN
dbo.V_Table1 AS V_Table1_3
WHERE (dbo.V_Table1.ConfigID = 248)AND (V_Table1_1.ConfigID = 249) AND (V_Table1_2.ConfigID = 163) AND (V_Table1_3.ConfigID = 174)

My question is how can i add an If conditon or a trigger so that :
every time that a Value From Table 1 change => a new Line automatically is added to Table 2 with the value that i need

i will be grateful if someone can help me.

whenever a value changes

old value = deleted table
new value = inserted table

deleted / inserted tables are used to access the before and after values

please see below link about trigger