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Add GROUP (or just page break) to SSRS report


I'm building a report to be used as a fax. Having a hard time doing what can be easy in crystal - like insert a new group on any one particular field, mostly for the purpose of forcing pagination.

My fax should always have the first page be a cover page (I have some bound text boxes on this page). Then the next page should always be a few more bound textboxes with some notes and text, then starting on the 3rd page I want to have a group based on a field so that the 3rd page always starts its new page and then on that page I will have a more traditional table (or list?) with about 5 columns of information.

It seems so hard in SSRS REPORT BUILDER to get the basics - like a page break and a group. I'm NOT summing or totalling anything.


Define the page number in the records
Group by using those page number in report
In the Group properties you can define new page


Thank you, great idea. I appreciate your helpful comment.