Active topics

Which is equivalent to Active Topics of old forum? Is it New in the tool bar?

I'm not sure I know ...

NEW and UNREAD between them show brand new posts and items that are UNREAD. However, if there is a thread that you have read, but not replied to (and perhaps NOT read for > 4 minutes [or similar cutoff]) then any reply to THAT thread doesn't show up on either of those as best as I can tell.

It DOES show up on LATEST ... but ... LATEST is just chronological order, so you would have to remember how far up the list you have read and then after REFRESH work out where that was. Anything NEW or UNREAD (i.e. a thread you have replied in) is displayed you get a little blue "new" or the number of replies in a blue circle (99), but for other threads there is no marker at all.

Because the actual date/time of posts is not show (just something much less granular like "4h") it is not easy to have a mental-marker to work out where the New finishes and the Old starts.

If someone has found a better way to keep track of what you have read / not read I'd like to hear it please.:slight_smile:

I feel it would be better to replicate the Active topics in Old style