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Accessing .bak directly via Hibernate or Java instead of restoring the db dump?

I have a 300 MB SQL database backup in .bak file format. I don't have much space in my computer to install MS SQL server and restore the backup.

I remember one of my friend said earlier we can directly provide the url of .bak in hibernate properties to access it but i am not sure.

How to use .bak file for reading or writing without installing SQL server ?

Is there a open source which can act as a virtual server where i can specify as normal url in hibernate properties?

just fyi, a trial version which just acts as a virtual server but not sure whether it will connects via hibernate


Please kindly help me on this.

What about installing SQL Server Express Edition and restoring to that? Probably the easiest method.

I don't have a lot of space to install the dump. when the .bak exploded it shows the size in GB. any idea on how to use it directly without installing SQL server express edition and restoring it?